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I started drawing in high school but am mainly self-taught­­­­. My first taste of creative artistry came in elementary school when I used a few simple crayons, paper and a piece of window screen to create a textured picture of a bird with a blue background.  I can’t describe what I felt after I finished it except to say I was bitten by the art bug! I have that same feeling today when I’m working on a piece.  However, as with many people regular life and other interests took precedent over the years.


With a daughter to raise drawing became a smaller part of my life. Thankfully that was not the end of the art story.  As my daughter was preparing to graduate from college she as well as other family members encouraged me to start drawing again.  This time however I decided to give painting a try and started experimenting.  I created many paintings never thinking of showing my work let alone sell anything.  After moving back to the area my daughter took a couple paintings to hang on her wall at work. That’s when things took a wonderful and unexpected turn.


I am grateful to say that I have successfully sold paintings to family, friends and private collectors.  I have been a guest artist in the East Austin Studio Tour (EAST) for several years. 

As with all artists we have our own view and perspectives of people and objects that move us in both similar and divergent ways.  That is the beauty of art.  It is personal. I work mainly with acrylic paint on canvas and as you can see I don’t have a particular style.  ​I paint whatever I am compelled to with a hope it invokes some emotional or thought provoking response from the viewer.  I call it my "Vision Field".


Thank you for visiting my site and allowing me to share a bit of me with you.  Please contact me with any questions you may have or to purchase a piece.  I am also available for private commissions.



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